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CanMate presspan 22 qt
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Pressure cannen

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'De Kenners onder de Canners'

Pressure cannen is de enige methode waarmee je voedsel met een laag zuurgehalte zoals groente, vlees en vis veilig kunt conserveren
zonder kans op botulisme.  

Het belangrijkste gereedschap wat je ervoor nodig hebt is de zogenaamde Pressure Canner. Een Pressure Canner heeft eigenlijk vrijwel dezelfde werking als een snelkookpan maar de opgebouwde druk en temperatuur in een Pressure Canner zijn hoger en van buitenaf controleerbaar. Dit is onmisbaar als je veilig onder hoge druk wil conserveren. Een Pressure Canner kan een temperatuur bereiken van 121 graden en hiermee wordt de botulisme bacterie gedood wat niet mogelijk is met wecken. 

Alles over pressure cannen

Wil je weten hoe je met een pressure canner je voedsel kan conserveren? Wat de pressure can tijd per groente is? Hoe hoog de druk moet zijn? Klik dan hieronder!

Useful information

Pressure canning is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands. Actually, there is currently only 1 site that provides relevant information about this: They also have a nice youtube channel. From mid-August they also offer a course on everything you need to know about pressure canning. And what is rather handy for us Dutch people, they have converted all American sizes into liters and kilos and also offer the option to use Europian pots. Saves a lot of headaches.

  • Can your Canmate 22QT be used on gas, electric, ceramic and induction hobs?
    Yes, the base of our Canmate is indeed suitable for gas, ceramic, electric hobs and induction.
  • Is de CanMate gekeurd volgens de richtlijnen van de EU voor drukapparatuur?
    Er is een richtlijn voor drukapparatuur vastgesteld: de Europese richtlijn Drukapparatuur (2014/68/EU). Onder deze richtlijn vallen ook pressure canners. De CanMate is getest door een gecertificeerd laboratorium op de eisen zoals zijn vastgelegd in deze richtlijn en heeft voor alle gestelde eisen, de test succesvol doorstaan.
  • If something breaks, can I also contact you for spare parts?
    Yes, we always keep a stock of spare parts so that we can help you as quickly as possible if something breaks.
  • What is the warranty on the Canmate?
    The warranty period is 2 years after purchase.
  • What temperature and pressure does the CanMate go to?
    The maximum safe temperature is 121 degrees celcius and the maximum pressure is 15 psi. More than enough to be able to pressure can safely.
  • Can you also use your CanMate as a regular pressure cooker?
    Yes, you can use the Canmate for pressure canning and as a pressure cooker, but also as a large soup pot and you can weck in it. Your existing pressure cooker or weckpan can be donated!
  • Is it true that you should actually check your dial-gauge once a year to ensure that the dial-gauge is still working properly?
    Yes that's right. Once a year you should have your dial-gauge calibrated so that you can be sure that the pressure you read on the dial-gauge is also the actual pressure that builds up in the CanMate. You can calibrate at companies that specialize in this. They are located throughout the Netherlands. Just google it and you'll find them in no time. Understandably, not everyone wants to be stuck with this every year. Then you also have another solution. You can also buy a 10 psi weight. Then you actually no longer need the dial-gauge and you work by ear because the weight will rattle a bit with sufficient pressure. You will soon be able to order a 10 psi weight in our webshop and then calibration will no longer be necessary.
  • Will you also sell other products?
    Yes, as soon as we deliver the first CanMates, we will also try to supply other products in the webshop at the same time, such as suitable glass jars, loose lids for the jars, can lifters, etc. If you are missing something in products, we would like to hear from you. You can send us an email at
  • Do you also deliver to other countries?
    Yes, but this is still limited to Belgium and Germany. Due to the extra shipping costs, the Canmate is slightly more expensive in these countries than in the Netherlands.

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